Hair care facts

Hair care is got by taking a wholesome diet rich in vitamins and minerals. It is best to drink a mixture of lettuce and spinach juice or a mixed juice of carrots, lettuce and alfalfa for hair growth. These home treatments for hair care embraces diet for good hair care.

hair careThe second valuable home remedies includes avoiding of synthetic and chemical hair care products that could cause hair problems in the long run. Embracing healthy natural  applying on the hair. The use of warm oil with rubbing in firm circular movements helps in increasing blood supply, activating the sebaceous glands followed with stimulated hair growth. In addition rubbing the scalp vigorously after a shower would also help.

Dandruff a very common hair disorder causing dry skin flaking off from the scalp with itchiness find home remedies in mixing half a cup of coconut oil or neem oil with a teaspoon of camphor and storing it. This could be used daily at bedtime. Another remedy for hair care that can be carried on for dandruff at home lies in mixing lemon juice and coconut oil in the proportion of 1:2 and regularly massaging the mixture at the roots.

Regular physical exercise forms an important part of home remedies for hair care. It is to be realized that lack of physical activity will certainly lead to brittle or lusterless hair. In addition exercising promotes flexibility and increased adequate circulation in the head and helps provide nourishment to hair follicles that result in healthy hair growth. Home remedies for hair care state that exercise helps avoid stress and suppressing of happy hormones and helps prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

The home remedy for hair care and prevention of premature graying of hair lies in avoiding of excessive intake of caffeine drinks like coffee and tea, alcohol, smoking, fried and oily foods, spicy and sour foods and acidic foods. Some of the home remedies for hair care for this condition require regular application of a paste of henna, curds, fenugreek seed powder, coffee, mint juice and basil juice that have soaked overnight in an iron vessel. Applying this paste for about 2 to 4 hours before washing out with a

Some more of the home remedies for hair care involve applying a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water to get shiny and bouncy hair and employing honey on the scalp with or without fresh cream to solve the problems of frizzy and tangling hair and dry hair respectively. You could easily remedy oily hair with applying multi Mitt regularly on the hair before washing it off.…

Hair Salon Equipment Is Only Part Of The Equation

When an entrepreneur undertakes the position of opening a hair salon a great deal of thought has to go into the decision. Operating a successful business depends on some factors. Choosing the right hair salon equipment will be detrimental to the operation of the business.

Before deciding on equipment, thought should be given to the decor. When a client enters your establishment, they should be greeted with a modern and hi-tech facility. Decor should reflect the latest in professional equipment. Will your salon cater only to female clientele? If the answer is yes, more attention can be placed on pleasing the feminine gender. If you are opting to open a unisex salon that will service both men and women, the decor should be pleasing to the ladies, but the men should feel comfortable there as well.

Hair salon equipment that is available in today’s market comes in a wide variety of color schemes meant to enhance any color palette that is chosen. The latest in ergonomic design will add to the comfort of the patron whether it be a chair suitable for a shampoo, colour, perm, or cut. Combination chairs will be able to recline, swivel, and move up or down to accommodate the cosmetician. The solid stainless steel frames will reflect the lighting and add to the depth and dimension of your establishment.

There are single station salons where a cosmetician will perform all the duties from the shampoo to the finished coiffure. Some salons concentrate on individualizing areas for the task to be performed. There can be some stations designated for shampoos only. Another area may offer some privacy while a client is undergoing a colour or a permanent. A manicurist will enjoy a space where all their special equipment is readily available to perform a manicure or a pedicure. Tanning booths will offer privacy where clients have room to change from street clothing to tanning attire in the beauty saloons.

Each cosmetician will require a fully stocked station where their services will be performed. The prioritized items would be combs, brushes, blow dryers, different sizes of curling irons, and the best there is to offer in professional scissors. No station should ever be without sterilizing equipment which would consist of a barricade liquid for keeping combs sterile, and a dry sterile fumigant that is kept in the drawer with the hair brushes. Towels and capes should be kept laundered and free from stains. The individual stylist may also have need of a variety of hairpins for certain hair styles.

There are some who would not list the following items among hair salon equipment, but it would be extremely difficult to operate a salon without them. A large storage facility should be set aside to store a complete line of hair coloring product. Hair coloring has moved into the twenty-first century and colours are now achieved by mixing two and sometimes three tones to attain the desired effect. The same can be said for permanents, as they also are specifically formulated for dry hair, hair that has been colour treated, and grey hair that has a higher porosity. Chemical services can also include kits to straighten the hair of anyone who feels theirs is too curly.

A licensed and well-trained masseuse, will have clientele beating a path to your door. The hectic lifestyle of so many plays havoc with sore muscles. Nothing can ease them more quickly than a comfortable heated massage table and a pair of experienced hands that will knead the knots away in a hurting back.

Even the very best in hair salon equipment is only one part of your operation. A friendly and courteous staff that places the client first above all else will insure success. The greatest asset there is in any salon are the people who work there.…